The top treadmills for home use

Best Treadmills – Livestrong LS13.0T

Livestrong LS13.0T best treadmills for home

Livestrong LS13.0T

The   Livestrong LS13.0T treadmill provides adjustable cushioning with maximum comfort settings.  It is a space-saver as it is able to fold for easy storage.  It also provides a powerful 3.0 HP motor with continuous performance.  The LS13.0T can incline to ranges up to 14% and speeds from 0.5 to 12 mph can also be achieved.  The maximum user weight capacity for the treadmill is 350 pounds. 48% discount

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Best Treadmill – Precor 9.31

precor 9.31 best treadmill

precor 9.31

The Precor Premium Series 9.31 treadmill is able to provide high quality and professional performance with speeds that can reach 12 miles per hour and a 15% incline capability.  It is great for home use and has been designed to provide comfort and adjustability when desired.  There are up to eight preset programs that involve various aspects of speed and height. 7% discount

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Best Treadmill For Home Use – Horizon T101-3 (2012)

Horizon T101-3 cheap treadmill

Horizon T101-3

The Horizontal Fitness T101-3 treadmill is able to accommodate a user weight of up to 300 pounds and uses a 20” x 55” size for its running belt surface.  The T101-3 treadmill can reach speeds of 10 miles per hour and inclines to about 10 percent.  The space saving treadmill is able to deliver continuous performance mainly due to its detailed design and its 2.25 horsepower motor. 25% discount


Top Treadmill For Home Use – Horizon T203

Horizon T203 treadmill for home use

Horizon T203

The Horizontal Fitness T203 treadmill provides great functionality with programming options, a wide display window, iPod and Nike connectivity, custom programs and goal tracking features.  There are fourteen programming options.  The T203 is extremely space-saving because it can fold for easy storage.  In addition, goal tracking can be set to collect data for a whole month! 17% discount


Top Treadmills For Home Use – Proform Power 995

Proform Power 995 treadmill

Proform Power 995

The ProForm Power 995 treadmill provides a powerful 3.0 horsepower continuous duty cycle motor which is of commercial grade (Mach Z motor), a tread belt or running/walking surface that measures 20 x 60 inches, compatibility with iFit technology, speeds that can reach 12 miles per hour and inclines that can get to heights of 15%. Best price here

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Top Treadmills For Home – ProForm Pro 2500

ProForm Pro 2500 top treadmills for home

ProForm Pro 2500

The ProForm Pro 2500 treadmill features quick use controls for inclining and for speeds too.  Get the best workout program downloads by using the built-in iFit Live Technology that provides access to workout programs from certified personal trainers or custom workout programs.  The Pro 2500 treadmill also has a touch screen in full color that is easy to read.  The 7” screen makes it easy to access information about levels for speed and height. 40% discount


Best Treadmill For Home – LifeSpan Fitness TR 2000-HRC

LifeSpan Fitness TR 2000-HRC treadmill for home

LifeSpan Fitness TR 2000-HRC

The LifeSpan Fitness TR 2000-HRC treadmill is a high quality machine with a 350 pound maximum user weight and a backlit console with 2 colors.  It provides a 20”-x 56” walking and running surface with speeds that can go from 0 mph to 10 mph.  There are ten different inclines levels that can be achieved.  Declines can occur in five levels. 5 star rated

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Best Treadmills For Home – LifeSpan Fitness Pro5

LifeSpan Fitness Pro5 treadmill for home use

LifeSpan Fitness Pro5

The LifeSpan Fitness Pro5 is an efficient workout machine that has been nominated as a “Best Buy” item by the Treadmill Doctor.  The Pro5 treadmill provides a large running and walking surface measuring 22 x 63 inches and it can reach speeds of up to 12 miles per hour.  Incline capability is also provided.  There is telemetric receiver integrated with the treadmill which allows it monitor heart ratings. 18% discount


Best Treadmills For Home – Schwinn 860

Schwinn 860 best treadmill for home

Schwinn 860

Feel the power with the Schwinn 860 treadmill that features 3.0 horsepower, an incline that can reach 12% and speed levels as high as 12 miles per hour.  Get the perfect comfort stride during workouts with softrak suspension that makes walking or running on the treadmill easy on the joints of the body.  The surface of the treadmill is cushioned to absorb shock and ease impact as strides occur. This enhances the workout experience and provides great results. 52% discount